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knowing, applying, and proclaiming the glorious gospel in Parramatta


We’re launching on September 15 2019 @ Tara Junior School!

Sovereign Grace Church Sydney is excited to announce that we planting a new church in Parramatta on September 15 2019!

We are sending out Riley & Maddie Spring, along with a great team, from our church in Wahroonga to go and plant another gospel preaching, gospel proclaiming, and gospel celebrating church in Parramatta.

We are not attempting anything new, innovative or avant-garde. Instead, we are seeking to start a fresh work based on the old but ever relevant message of the good news of Jesus Christ.

We want to invite you to follow Jesus with us.


Our Story

Over 8 years ago, Sovereign Grace Church was planted in the north of Sydney by Dave Taylor. Right from the very beginning we had a heart to build a healthy local church, an Antioch, that could raise up, train, and send out called and qualified leaders to start new churches. We were sent and supported by Sovereign Grace Churches, an international denomination that began in the U.S. in the 1980’s and now has over 80 churches in countries all over the world.

Just over 2 years into the church plant Riley and Maddie Spring joined and were soon plugged into the life of our church. Riley had expressed a desire for Pastoral ministry and church planting and so Dave began mentoring Riley to test his calling. After 4 years of being faithful volunteer leaders in the church it became clear that God was preparing Riley to plant a church and for our church to partner with him.

So Sovereign Grace Church Sydney sent Riley and Maddie and their two kids, Evie and Jasper, to the Sovereign Grace Pastors College in Louisville Kentucky in the U.S. for an intensive year of training and development with a view to them returning to plant a church in Parramatta. They arrived back in June 2018 and have begun all the work of preparing for this new opportunity. Going forward, we will be two churches, with one mission.


Why Parramatta?

Growth + Opportunity

Parramatta is one of the fastest growing areas in Sydney and is planned to be the “Central City” of Sydney, and a gateway to Western Sydney. As migrants move in from overseas, businesses relocate, and transport infrastructure is developed, the landscape, population and culture of Parramatta is shifting and changing. And in all this, there are increasing needs for people to hear the gospel and become followers of Jesus. We want to plant the gospel in this city, joining with the many faithful and fruitful churches that were here before us, so that we can see more and more hearts, families, and generations given new life in Christ.

Proximity to our Sending Church

We want to build a family of churches who are united in mission and vision as we try and reach our city for Christ. Though we are small, we hope that by God’s grace and interdependent partnership we can keep planting and growing many more faithful Sovereign Grace Churches in our city and across Australia.



Meet the Springs

Riley will be the Lead Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church Parramatta. He is married to Maddison (Maddie), and together they have Evie (6), Jasper (4) and just before the end of 2018 God blessed them with their third, Judah! They have been married for 8 years after falling in love at their local High School in the Sutherland Shire. Riley studied a Bachelor of Economics and completed a Grad Dip in Secondary Education before becoming a full-time Christian Studies Teacher/ Youth Worker at Barker College. Riley now works full time at Sovereign Grace Church in Wahroonga as the Church Planting Intern. Maddie completed a Primary Education degree before having kids and is now at home caring for them. They are currently living in Thornleigh and are excited and daunted about moving into Parramatta in 2019 but are trusting God to help them walk by faith and not by sight.

You can listen to some of Riley’s sermon’s here and here

The Springs 0008 20190414.jpg

Our Plan

By God’s grace we are currently meeting as Launch Team in preparation for planting in September. We meet weekly on Thursday nights for prayer, fellowship, worship, and teaching. We are in the process of finding a location to meet in, beginning our outreach, and dreaming of the future.

We will remain in partnership with our sending church as two churches with one mission. Sovereign Grace Parramatta will be supported financially, practically, and pastorally by the Wahroonga Congregation.

Our aim is to meet as close as we can to the heart of Parramatta on Sunday mornings at 10AM


Term 1: Begin Launch Team meetings and group life.

Term 2: Begin outreach in Parramatta

Term 3: Prepare to Launch + Launch Public Service

Term 4: Be a faithful, gospel proclaiming, gospel celebrating church for many, many, many years to come!


Want to Get Involved?

We’d love to get to know you!

We would like to invite you to consider joining with us to launch and plant this church. There are three key ways you can get involved:

Firstly, we would love for you to pray with us and for us!

Secondly, We are aware that God may be calling people from outside to join with us, bringing their time, talents, and treasures for the sake of the kingdom. Perhaps that is you!

If you would like more information you can head to this google drive folder where you can look at the slides + audio of the Church Plant Information Night that we hosted for our own church. Additionally please check out 'the ‘Our Beliefs’ page and read our Statement of Faith and Seven Shared Values so that you can get an idea of what we believe and our culture.

Thirdly, if you would like to partner with us financially, we will take every $ and use it for the spread and growth of the gospel in Parramatta. Go to and mark your payment with “Parra”.

If you want to contact Riley Spring for more information and to express interest, please fill out the form below or email him at


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