Launch Team Update

It has been an incredibly joyful start to our meetings as a Launch Team. The team is bonding as a group around Jesus, bearing each others burdens, discipling one another, and enjoying our Saviour together.

We have been gathering weekly on Thursday nights to grow relationally and theologically as a team. We first want to be a family, brothers and sisters who passionately know and follow Jesus, before we go out and invite others to join us. Each Thursday we have spent time singing together, praying for one another, learning from the Bible, eating, and celebrating. We have also begun monthly prayer nights on Tuesdays. These nights are crucial because we want this church to be birthed in prayer not by our efforts. It is a joy to gather, to petition God and to hear from Him. We have also been gathering for whole family meals with all the kids, in the Parramatta area.

As the Lead Pastor, I couldn’t be more grateful to God and thankful for these courageous disciples who are heading out to pioneer this church! Praise God!

Financially, God has provided in abundance. Our local church,, is sending us out with a very very generous grant so that we can start on solid footing! We hope one day to send out another church plant, and to put in their hands a similarly generous amount!

In terms of location, we are still in the search phase. Please pray that God would open the doors to a venue that will help us to preach and proclaim the gospel in Parramatta.

Going forward, we are hopeful and confident that God will use our feeble efforts to make disciples and glorify His name! May He be the hero, may His Name and Fame abound!


Riley Spring